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About Country Boy's Barbeque
It all started one chilly April day
in the backyard with a little pit-smoker and now...

Our southern style, smoked barbeque will be
the finest that you have ever tasted! 
We've traded in that little smoker for a
custom-made cooker
(Lang Cookers

Specializing in the 
art of smoked meats,
Country Boy's BBQ prides itself on doing things the right way in the tradition of it's southern heritage...
low and slow


Using only hickory & pecan hardwoods and the
highest quality cuts of meats, Country Boy's BBQ creates southern soul food classics that are sure to melt in your mouth!


Weddings, Parties or 
Special Events...
Email for all
your catering needs!


Using the finest ingredients available,
all of our foods are made totally from scratch!

When possible we source vegetables, meats,
eggs and milk from
local farmers.

There's nothing more mouthwatering then a plate full of slow smoked 
pulled pork or sticky ribs...   the dripping juices
and that intense 
smokey flavor


Eat first,
ask questions later!
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